Key Editions

The Global Key Unlocked – The Reinstatement of Ibiza

A new generation of hotels, parties, and experiences have begun to bloom throughout Ibiza after the covid crisis. Lovers of the island from across the globe have been itching to experience what once was the greatest party destination in the world. Luckily Spain has decided to open up its borders to forgin travelers with some regulations, bringing on the reinstatement of the incredible ibiza. With all of the pent up energy from the previous lockdown, the island has come back stronger than ever ready to offer even newer more exciting experiences. With a new soul and vigor the renaissance period is just beginning on ‘Isla Blanca’. 

The Global Key Unlocked – Sky Experience


Experience the world from a birds-eye view, where you can clear your mind above the clouds. These 5 Unique sky-high experiences and stays are not for the faint of heart, but if you can stomach the great heights they are the perfect place to find inner peace and serenity. From Dubai to Los Angeles these one-of-a-kind locations will put the world into a new perspective…

The Global Key Unlocked: Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is one of the most unique cities in the world. Whether it’s fashion, food, Architecture, or the rich ancient history, this futuristic city is jam-packed with experiences that are sure to stay with you for a lifetime. Fast-paced, crystal clean, and bustling, japan consistently stands as the leading model for an efficient society. Making it the perfect travel destination for anyone who has a hunger for new experiences and an open mind for old traditions.

Global Key Door Unlocked: Greece, Top 5 Private Villas

The end of the tunnel for vaccinated travelers has finally arrived, Greece has lifted all travel restrictions and is open for tourists. Although there will be some limitations on things like local restaurants and clubs, tourists from the United States, the UK, and Europe can still enjoy Grecian beaches and resorts. These baby steps that Greece has been taking towards returning to “normal” have put the country under a spotlight making it the hottest summer destination of 2021…

Key Edition 8: Zanzibar

The Island

When most people imagine traveling to East Africa usually the first thing that comes to mind are safari tours, barren lands, and Dangerous wildlife. Although Tanzania has these sorts of activities available it is home to one of the Island Gems of the world, Zanzibar. Not only is it a stunning white sands paradise it is rich in history due to ancient trade routes, the island has been home to people from all walks of the earth such as Persian, Indian, and Arab merchants. During the centuries of Arab trade The island became a focal point in the ivory, and spice trade, Earning its nickname the “spice islands”. If you are a lover of antiquity and rich flavors this island is a one-of-a-kind stop, delivering island luxury as well as meaningful, diverse history. 

Key Edition 7: Costa Rica


The moment you step onto Costa Rican land you’ll be greeted by pristine beaches, lush jungle forestation, friendly locals, and an abundance of adventurous outings. It’s no surprise most people who come here fall completely in love. Whether it is for catching the waves or visiting waterfalls and volcanos, this gem nestled in central America is sure to steal your heart.

Key Edition 4: Charleston SC

The College of Charleston (founded 1770) has a breathtaking campus and has been home to movie scenes such as The Notebook, Cold Mountain, and The Patriot. The campus is shaded by oak trees littered with Spanish moss, which gives it the feel of a movie set any day that you walk through. You will want to make sure you have your camera if you visit this area.

Key Edition 2: Huacachina

Huacachina is currently known around the world as “the oasis of America”. This is because it’s one of the only natural water sites available in the desert between North and South America.