Art Week Parties


Art Week 2019 in Miami Florida is approaching quickly. So quickly, some may not even know about all of the awesome parties that will be taking place so soon. After Art Basel made its first appearance in the sunny city of Miami way back in 2002, it has since exploded into a week-long, party-centered, art extravaganza.

By day art connoisseurs will be taking in all that they can in the dozens of exhibitions that are filled with artwork from nearly 4,000 artists from all over the country and world. By night, music will be blasting, and bass will be pounding in the chests of hundreds of party-goers.

Art Basel rose from just a small pop up art festival 18 years ago in 2002, to a full-blown, city-wide party that is dedicated to celebrating art in all of its forms. Take the time to visit the dozens of art galleries that will be featuring mind-blowing visual art pieces during the day. After taking in all of the visual arts, then dedicate the night to losing yourself in the music and dancing that will be taking place throughout Art Week 2019.

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