In Anguilla, the beautiful beaches and glimmering ocean are only steps away from your door.

Anguilla is a place that you may have heard of but are likely unfamiliar with where exactly it is located. The name roughly translates to “eel island” or “snake island” due to its shape (thankfully not due to an overabundance of those creatures!). If mesmerizing blue-green water and immaculate white sand beaches are not your thing, then leave Anguilla for the people that enjoy doing “as little as possible” in that type of environment. If your idea of a perfect getaway is to disconnect from hectic daily schedules, wearing nothing more than a bathing suit and sandals for days, soaking up as much sun as you can handle, and having a rum fueled drink permanently implanted in your hand…then you should absolutely consider Anguilla as a must visit location.



Located in the Caribbean, Anguilla can enjoy the year-round warm temperatures that make that part of the world especially attractive to travelers. However, when considering Anguilla, it is also important to pay attention to the time of year as hurricanes can have impact to travel in this area. Hurricane Season in the Caribbean runs from July through November, so please keep that in mind as you are planning your travels. The average temperature in Anguilla is a comfortable 80 °F, with the summer months (July-October) being the hottest.

Rest and Recovery


No matter where you are staying in Anguilla, the beautiful beaches and glimmering ocean are only a handful of steps away from your door. In addition to great locations, most hotels and resorts are prepared to cater to your every need regarding relaxation. Some favorites of travelers to Anguilla are: Cap Juluca, Malliouhana, and Semi Beach House. If you are staying at any of these locations, make sure to take a break from the beach at the spa to settle even deeper into a state of relaxation. There are plenty of resorts and hotels to choose from, so while it is wise to research the perfect place for you it is also hard to go wrong with any choice you make.

Beach, please…


It is impossible to visit Anguilla without most of your time being spent making an impression of your body in the beach sand or lounge chair. The reason is because you are surrounded by 30+ beaches on this small island. Every direction you turn will lead you to another stunning beach that is beckoning you to throw down your towel. The most popular and Instagram friendly beach is Shoal Bay, which is a must see. If you typically avoid the popular spots because of heavy traffic by tourists, you need to understand that even the busiest days in Anguilla leave you with plenty of privacy and personal space.

Can I see a menu

As you can probably guess based on location, the main cuisine of Anguilla is seafood. The restaurants can range from luxurious dining experiences to sandy beachside bars, but no matter where you go the seafood will be fresher than you can ever imagine. Anguilla has even received a reputation as one of the culinary capitals of the Caribbean. Check out Veya or Jacala Beach Restaurant from some amazing Caribbean inspired experiences. At the same time, make sure not to ignore the various beachside bars and restaurants for tasty snacks during the day.

Leaving the beach behind

Many people have visited Anguilla without ever thinking to leave the comfortable beaches and explore what else this Caribbean paradise may have to offer. The travelers that have the most unforgettable experiences in Anguilla are spending at least some of their trip drinking rum punch while relaxing on a chartered boat trip. These day trips give the ability to be surrounded by the clear water while bouncing over to some the secluded islands that are close enough to visit several in a matter of hours. Sandy Island and Prickly Pear Cays are two places that you will be glad you visited and are only accessible by boat. Between having an entire beach to yourself or just enjoying the time on the ocean with one too many rum punches, you will not be sorry about deciding to charter that boat excursion. The types of experiences vary between sailing, powerboat tours, sunset sailing cruises, and more so there should be something that best fits your needs.

Feeling Adventurous


There are also many adventurous activities to do while visiting Anguilla and depending on your interests you may find a reason to leave your beach towel. Some of the additional things that are offered include: exploring hidden coves, diving through underwater caves, hiking nature trails to secluded beaches, sitting horseback for a walk/swim along the beach. While the majority of visitors have a hard time leaving their comfortable chair and rum punch behind, these more adventurous activities are rewarding for those who are inclined.